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Does herpes pop like a pimple?

so there is a bump on my boyfriends pubic area kinda up by were he wears his boxers, he shaved is pubes off about a month ago, in grown hair? well yes anyway does herpes pop like a pimple? like a white head and everything?|||Read this for Genital warts :- Genital warts — it%26#039;s not the prettiest topic of conversation, but it%26#039;s definitely something that needs to be discussed. Why? There are many different kinds of human papilloma viruses (collectively referred to here as HPV), only a couple of which can cause genital warts. Because HPV transmits easily from one person to another, it is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. — but almost three-quarters of us have never heard of it!

Actually, HPV is also responsible for those pesky warts that sometimes pop up on your hands or feet. But let%26#039;s stick to the sexually transmitted version for now — one that could lead to genital warts.

Detection and Transmission

HPV is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. So, it can be transmitted through any type of sex play, including unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sex with a partner who has it. And HPV can be transmitted even if warts aren%26#039;t present at the time. Many people who have HPV don%26#039;t even know it, because they don%26#039;t have warts.

So what do genital warts look like? Unlike herpes, which are usually painful, blistery sores, genital warts are usually painless, although they may be a little itchy. They usually start off as small bumps and grow into larger warts that look sort of like cauliflower. They can be single warts or break out in clusters. Women usually get them on the vulva, the vagina, the cervix, or the anal area. Men get them on the foreskin, head or shaft of the penis, the urethra, the scrotum, or the anal area. Women and men can also get them in the throat from having oral sex.

Genital warts aren%26#039;t deadly, but they are super-contagious. And, like herpes, there is no cure for HPV infections. But the good news is that most genital HPV infections go away by themselves within six months.

Treatment and Prevention

So what can you do if you%26#039;re infected? Treatment for genital warts focuses on controlling future outbreaks. This could be through prescription creams that you apply to the warts or by removing the warts with surgery. Sometimes they even go away on their own in a few months — but remember, just because you don%26#039;t have any visible warts, you may still have the virus that causes them, so you still have to be careful about protecting yourself and your partner.

So how can you stay away from genital warts? Condoms don%26#039;t eliminate the chance of contracting genital warts entirely, but they do reduce the risk. It%26#039;s important to avoid direct skin-to-skin contact with anyone you know has an outbreak of genital warts. But there is only 100 percent way to make sure you don%26#039;t catch genital warts, and that is abstinence.

Something else to keep in mind — some other types of HPV can put a woman at risk for cervical cancer or men at risk of cancer of the penis. (These are not the same type of HPV that cause genital warts.) The changes in the cells of the cervix caused by certain HPVs that could lead to cancer are easily detectable by a Pap test. Early treatment of precancerous growths can prevent cancer from developing. So it%26#039;s very important to see a clinician for a gynecological exam and Pap test if you%26#039;re sexually active.|||It%26#039;s never a good idea to pop a zit, but if you must here is a good article on how to pop it step by step instructions

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|||Well, as far as a lip herpes is concerned, it looks like a pimple at first, but it evolves to a little bubble before starting to dry. I don%26#039;t think they form that white head.A herpes usually has a bigger range and more than one vesicle are formed and covers an area, rather than a little spot.

That is probably due to the shaving he did: sometimes, specially when the hair is thick it may be trapped under the skin, trying to reach the surface, and it gets infected; that is very common, specially with that men%26#039;s area.

Wait a couple of days and if it changes its appearance, consult a doctor to have it checked.

You of course know about this but, in the doubt, do not have sex, or at least have safe sex, as you may get infected if in fact it is a herpes.|||Nope, it is just a zit.|||no way herpes can%26#039;t be mistaken it%26#039;s scarry stuff. go to yahoo or google search and hit images and search for a picture of herpes if you want to be more sure.|||PROBABLY AN INGROWN HAIR.

POP IT AND SEE WHAT COMES OUT.|||If he shaved the area it%26#039;s probably an ingrown hair that%26#039;s a little infected, like a pimple. People do get puss filled bumps with herpes but when it %26#039;pops%26#039;, it%26#039;s will look like a weeping open sore that is extremely painful. There would be LOTS of itchiness as well. Plus, if it was herpes, he%26#039;d most likely find the sore much lower in the pubic area.|||yes it can, but if you do pop it then the area will become very hot and sore and then get much bigger

the best thing to do is just leave it alone

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