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How do pimples and other forms of acne form?

I%26#039;m 13 years old amd i%26#039;ve been getting pimples around my nose and chin. I want to know how they form and how to get rid of them please. If this helps i get really sweaty from skateboarding all day.|||many teens have oily skin and by washing your face every morning and every night you can avoid acne blemishes. try using PROACTIVE.even a man my age gets a few pimples from time to time. however mine come from shaving too close and the razor pulls at the whiskers and infects the hair follicles.when you start getting a few hairs on your face,wash your face before shaving thus softening the 55 now and i didnt start shaving until i joined the army in i have to shave everyday or sometimes twice a day.dont use a deordorant soap to wash your face with. use a soap that will remove oil from deep down in your skin.|||ok--your kidney is not doing a good job of breaking down the fats that are in the body; result, is acne.--Take medicine that will help your kidney to function properly.

What are some tricks for getting rid of pimples?

Okay, so I have this huge, red pimple on my nose and it won%26#039;t go away. Anything that I can do at home to get rid of it fast?|||Do not touch or pop the pimple. It will only make the pimple more obvious and risk infection and scarring. D: Instead, take up the following routine, twice a day, until it disappears.

Wash your hands thoroughly before you begin to touch your face.

Wash your face gently but thoroughly with a mild, medicated soap and warm water.

The water shouldn%26#039;t feel hot, and lukewarm is a little too cool.

Do not use a washcloth, as the scrubbing action could pick up and distribute bacteria to other parts of your face. It is best to use your hands.

Wash for about 30 seconds.

Pat your skin dry with a towel.

Apply a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid topical cream on the pimple. If the spot is under the surface of the skin and hurts to the touch, use benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic Acid should work well for all other acne spots.

After topical treatment is dry, apply a basic face moisturizer (preferably allergy-tested, fragrance free, and oil free). Without moisturizing, the skin around the pimple can dry and irritate your skin, possibly making the pimple more inflamed and noticeable. Some contain a mild sunscreen, which is often recommended with some acne washes and medications.

Cover the pimple with medicated concealer (optional).

Learn how to prevent acne in the first place, so that you stop that next monster pimple before it even starts.

Hope that helped. gd luck. (:|||Get something that%26#039;s really dirty like a used surgical scalpal and make a small incinsion right on the pimple. Once you have done this, dig it out with the end of a dirty toenail clipper. Once you have all the puss and goo out make sure you put neosporin on it so that it does not get infected. Cover with small circular bandaide. This is where you can get creative, purple would be my choice.|||Unfortunately there is no quick cure to pimples. I use Salicylic acid to get rid of mine, and it works really well. Toothpaste and etcetera work for some people, but are actually more harmful and irritating in the long run. Hope you find something that helps!|||sometimes what people do is put hunnie and sugar together and rub it on their face and it takes them away,

toothpaste is also another good idea.

you may want to go out and buy clearisil pads.they really help|||1-put toothpaste on it

2-put eyedrops on it

3-mix 2 aspirin with a teaspoon of water and put it on the pimple

4-rub ice on

5-the last thing you want to do is pop it|||yup toothpaste! but dont use the kids kind|||all u should do is just drink lots of water and keep washin ur face. it will eventually go away

What is the best natural way to lose pimples?

I am breaking out and my mom said it was because of age. And i was wondering what is the best way to loose the pimples without putting anything on my face?|||I had some acne when I was younger.

If it is not to bad cleaning your face will help.

Take a wash cloth and soak it with hot water, not so hot that it burns but close.

Lay it on your face DO NOT RUB.

When your face feels real hot and you can%26#039;t take it anymore, pull the cloth off your face.

Do this twice a day once after you shower in the morning, and once before bedtime.

The heat pulls the oil out of your pores and the cloth soaks it up, should use a new cloth as much as possible.

If you get a pimple don%26#039;t pop it as that spreads the oil, thats also why you don%26#039;t want to scrub or rub the face.

Also try to avoid foundation\makeup as much as possible as it will clog pores. if you must use a concealer on individual pimples.

Good Luck they can be hard to deal with.|||cut out all sugar for 14 days and exercise.once you go 14 days without sugar you can have a little bit but not to much if your skin is still clear you can have more until you break out then you know that%26#039;s your bodies threshold for sugar.if u limit it as much as you can your skin will be awesome.just try it it really and truly works. good luck|||well with out putting anything on your face you could..... eat healthier foods, not salty. Good Luck. and jsut try using face wash ;)|||One Natural way to lose pimples is to wash your face every day and night with acne wash. I don%26#039;t know about natural, but Benza Clin is a good acne medication. Just rub it in and watch it work!!|||If you put hot compresses on face prior to washing it. For about 3 minutes. I used to use a washcloth and just kept running it under hot water and put on for as long as you can stand it. Works really good then wash it with Dove is one of the best free of everything helps clear pores. Will notice the difference in about 2-3 weeks. Also when done with soap and rinsing off face make sure it is rinsed off real good about 5 times with water. Any soap residue will cause breakouts if left on face too! Use a toner too helps afterward just a quick swipe over face while pores are still open from hot steam.|||Why don%26#039;t you want to put something on? Good luck. When I started having pimples, nothing worked: clearasil, clean %26amp; clear, proactiv, drinking plenty of water, washing my face, eating fruit, even facials.

What completely got rid of my acne was Clindamyacin which was prescribed by my doctor and it%26#039;s only $5 co-pay.

Zits and pimples on both sides of my chin and getting some on my chest?

There are a lot of little pimples by my mouth and im getting some on my chest. Would you suggest using Proactive? Or what are some other home remedies you have used?|||Proactive didnt work for me, but it works on SOME D: good luck!|||no use neutrogena it%26#039;s better

How do I get rid of upcoming zits/pimples within a week?

My 21st birthday is next Wednesday and me and my family and friends are planning on going out to party for it (naturally). However, all the stress from trying to plan everything is starting to get to me and a few red spots are popping up all over my face. The most noticable of which is one on the tip of my nose and another, which can only be described as a volcano, on my chin.

I want CLEAR skin for my birthday! Is there any kind of product I can buy from a drug/department store that will get rid of these horrible little dots within a week?|||On The Spot Acne Cream I think its by Neutrogena but there are other brands. You just put a little dab on the pimple a couple times a day every day till the party and it will be gone! Make sure you wash and exfoliate your face and use a non-greasy moisturizer like Neutrogena hah i love that stuff : ]|||Well the best thing that i%26#039;ve ever heard of and a lot of my friends use is proactive. It seriousely works! another things you can do is with a steamy hot towel put it over the spot so that the pores can open up and then pop it. I know that it sounds gross but it kind of works. Or you can try putting toothpaste on it at night and the toothpaste will dry them up and you can just take them off like scaps. To tell you the truth depending on your skin sensitivity doing the last two I suggested might leave scars. Another option is go to the and she has some helpful ideas on what to do.|||dont waste any of your money with any product...Use honey..I swear to god honey will get rid of them overnight. if not overnight than it will only take 2 nights...try it tonight i promise you it will work honey is great for zits. Just take some honey but dont rub it in all the it before u go to sleep that way u dont have to feel it..when u wake up in the morning there wont be much honey left but if u feel u need to wash it off just use warm water...It will work wonders.!|||Clear Clear|||Use a glycerine soap that is ph balanced , do not use a face cloth as these hold bacteria always use the gentleness of clean hands .

If you really need to attend to a viscoius spot dab it with 30 vol peroxide the peroxide pentrated the skin surface killing the bacteria benaeth by oxygenating it the spot shopuld be easy to exude the next moring

Take Sulphur tablets , of course eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables , Frozen ones have lost thier life giving Enzymes somthing that most peole are not aware of now a days with the emphasis on Vitamins .

Alos remenber Zinc cream for Healing !!!!!|||i suggest you try toothpaste..... it really does work :o)|||An excellent remedy for pimples or acne-prone skin can be made by mixing 1 teaspoon ground cloves with 2 tablespoons fullers earth and ice water. When you wash your face, use sugar to scrub it, at least once a day, for two weeks to rid yourself of acne. Check out for more useful info.

How can i get rid of acne and pimples without products?

Can you help me out? im breaking out and i swear i%26#039;ll go crazy if i dont clear it up! I%26#039;m with the person i have a crush on every day and its embarrasing that my face is like this.

But my mom refuses to buy me any products, despite my point of begging and even saying that i%26#039;ll pay for it myself. Please, please, please help me! Do you know any ways to get rid of pimples, acne, ect. ? If you do, please tell me!|||Every night, wash your face with soap and water, then only water. Then, use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a clean washcloth or cotton puff.

Make sure your pillowcase is fresh and clean.

Wash your hands before going to bed.

This information doesn%26#039;t seem to help girls, but you should know that most guys are used to seeing pimples on girls and don%26#039;t care about them as much as the girls do.

Resist popping your pimples for fear of scarring.|||Put toothpaste on your pimples or you can steam your face and squeeze the pimples afterward uhh what else can i say yeah that%26#039;s about it.

Hope it works for ya|||wash your face with warm water and a bar of dove soap. (ur mom can%26#039;%26#039;t say no to soap) then rinse with cold water. using a cotton ball apply a thin layer of lemon juice ( the bottle can works well) if it stings it%26#039;s working.

do that twice a day

for direct pimples apply a dot of toothpaste. (make sure it%26#039;s past not gel. it should say on the tube)|||try peroxide|||I%26#039;m sorry girly i so now what your going through i hate it when i brake out and i%26#039;m with someone that i have a crush on! You should try putting toothpaste on the zits and leave it on for alittle while that will help reduce redness and calm it down alittle just make sure the toothpaste is not mint this works for some people put it%26#039;s not for all skin types so just try it our first and see how your skin reacts.I tried it and it worked for me! And make sure to drink lots of water that always helps :)|||That doesn%26#039;t sound truthful that you mother would refuse to buy you anything but you can%26#039;t really remove your zits without your products. Food doesn%26#039;t play a factor, don%26#039;t forget that.|||toothpaste flattens pimples and viseen takes out the redness ull prob have this stuff laying around ur bathroom|||Hi

Don%26#039;t worry. Things will be alright soon.

I understand your problem. The acne can be easily controlled and cured by following simple lifestyle modifications.

I suffered from acne for several years and I developed 10 easy steps to get rid of acne. I also cured my acne completely.

Why don鈥檛 you see my website? I hope it will definitely change the way you loom at your acne problem. I will be very happy if your acne is cured by any method.|||First of all, wash your face at least twice a day. When you wash your face you should use warm water first, then you can wash your face with a normal soap. Then rinse your face with COLD water. warm water will open your pores, so you can wash them well. cold water will close your pores so dirt will not get in them. your pores will not be all the way clothes, but this will help. Also, try not to stress about small things. I think stress increases pimples. I hope I helped. Oh yeah, that thing about eating chocolate will give you pimples, that%26#039;s so untrue!

How can i get rid of these tiny pimples on my arms and shoulders?

I have these small pimples on my arms that have been there for about a year. you can barely see them, but when you feel my arm you can feel the tiny bumps. what could get rid of them, and what are they? also, i have this red pimple on my face that has been there for a long time, what can i do to get rid of it, should i use oxy or whatever?|||Re: the persistent red pimple. I suggest you see your doctor or a dermatologist because you may need a topical antibiotic to get rid of it.

As for the tiny pimples on your arms and shoulders, it may be a case of keratosis pilaris (build up of skin cells around tiny hair follicles). Use a lotion w/ lactic acid to exfoliate and get rid of them, such as Lac-Hydrin.

Here are a few helpful articles with more information:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>|||u should go see a doctor...they will give u this cream or wat so ever and u should put it on,,,,i heard tht oxy makes it worse but u cany try tht also|||they actually aren%26#039;t pimples, it%26#039;s called keratosis pilaris. a lotion with lactic acid should help. as for the mark on your face, if it%26#039;s not going away, you should see a derm to rule out skin cancer.|||You may use 3 MHz ultrasound for deep cleansing. Then apply some non oily cream. Now this area should be treated with IR or Red Light to give proper effect.|||Try going to They have endless amount of skin products. They have specific descriptions of the skin problems and lots of reviews from people that bought the products. Or go see a dermatologist to prescribe something for you.|||I suffer the same thing- they only thing I have found helpful for me thru the years is a good lufa (the hand one) I use it with sea salt shower scrub (all natural oils) and it really helps minimize them a lot.

I have asked two doctors and one shrugged the other said it%26#039;s in my genes-|||See a dermatologist, who knows exactly what they are by your description.

Depending what the problem is, you can try a body exfoliating scrub to get rid of dead surface skin cells and clean out pores. But pimples don%26#039;t normally show up on arms, so I%26#039;m suspecting it is not acne but something else.|||Get an acne cleansing bar, like Acne-Aid or Pan-Oxyl bar, and scrub your arms and shoulders. Or see a dermatologist.

Use an acne face wash on your face, and don%26#039;t use soap on your face because it can clog your pores.|||I%26#039;m not sure about your face because I get the same problem. But for your arms try using a pumice stone when showering on your arms and use a super moisturizer after like shea butter. It works for feet, elbows, knees and anywhere you want smooth skin.

Hope you find something that works.|||I have heard that alcohol can do the job also and proactive. I know proactive works because I use it and it%26#039;s my best friend.|||are they really pimples? I have some like that from bermuda other words it is an allergy...i have a bump on my legs that never goes away too...with pimples it really helps to put some toothpaste on them at night...with me it really helps to increase my vitamin %26quot;c%26quot; when i am feeling the effects of allergies Those bumps on my arms come and go|||Out of the blue in October I got little bumps all over my thighs. Oh they were horrible! I didn%26#039;t know if it was a rash or what. I tried everything! 2.5% hydrocortisone cream, prescription acne cream, loofahs, face scrubs, body scrubs, back brush... I even changed laundry detergent thinking it was an allergy. Nothing worked. About a month ago I was at the mall and was accosted by one of the kiosk men. He had me try this stuff called %26quot;Obey Your Body%26quot; Body Scrub on my hands. It%26#039;s basically an exfoliant made with dead sea minerals and natural waxes and oils. It%26#039;s absolutely amazing!!! I was so impressed I ended up begging for a deal cause it%26#039;s $40 a jar (I bought multiple jars). It%26#039;s the best thing I%26#039;ve ever used on my skin. I used it all over my body before my shower the next day, and the bumps on my thighs are GONE!!! They%26#039;ve been gone since, and I haven%26#039;t used it again. My entire body is smoother than I can ever remember. I sent a jar to my friend Kelli in Iraq and she loves it too. They have a website according to the jar. Google %26quot;obey your body%26quot; and you%26#039;ll find it. I don%26#039;t want to put it in here in case it%26#039;s considered spam, but I truly love this product. I have recommended it to everyone I know.|||For the little pimples, you need sunlight and lots of lotion. Those little bumps are dry skin. Use a loofah or exfoliator every other day in the shower and moisturize your skin right after your shower, while your skin is still warm and relaxed from the water. Make sure you drink enough water (not juice, not soda - water). You might be able to get the red spot to go away by placing a warm tea bag (I use green, not sure if it matters) on it a couple times a day. If it%26#039;s a real pimple, the warmth and dampness of the tea bag will help draw out whatever%26#039;s in it so it can heal. Otherwise, check with your Dr to be sure it%26#039;s not a cyst or a permanent mark.|||Get out in the sun.....this always helps me.|||It could be just dry skin, but if you use a moisturizer and loofa and still have them I would go to the doc to see what it is.

As for the mark on your face if it has been there for a long time you might want to go to a doctor for it, most acne will clear up or change if left untreated, not just make a red mark.